You might probably have heard of doing your cardio workout first thing in the morning before you have eaten your breakfast. This method will ensure that you will burn more far that you would when you train after eating.


This method was introduced in the late 90s which indicated that working out on an empty stomach helps to burn more fat. This has made people rush to do workout even before they have eaten anything.


This idea is supported by a biological fact that after fasting for many hours, the sugar circulation in the blood will be very low and this leads to an extreme low level of glycogen stored as carbohydrates. When there is no glycogen, the body does not have any energy source and thus it starts to use fat for fuel. Furthermore, due to fasting there are low levels of insulin that promote the generation of fatty acids that will also be used as fuel for the body to do exercise.


This became very popular because you get leaner and you burn more fat with the same amount of work.


When fasting from, your body's survival mechanism is activates. This reaction to fasting augments your body's ability to produce energy, be mentally alert, and to combat stress and fatigue. Now, your body is in peal energy generating mode and this energy comes from burning fat.


Like hunters-gatherers, humans needed to be in top performance mode when hunting prey or to gather food.


IF you eat before training you will be missing out on your body's ability to be in its primal functioning state. Eating leads you to feeling more relaxed and lethargic. You will be less immune to stress and fatigue in addition to not getting that extra fat burning boost from fasting.


That is why it is recommended to eat light during the day and feast at night. Your nightly food should contain most of your carbohydrates which releases serotonin to assist you in the relaxation process. Learn more facts about fitness at



When you do fasting cardio you don't have to worry about vomiting up food. You have more energy than when working out having eaten prior to it. While fasted, you can also make great gains in muscle and strength and continue to do so. If you will work out in a fasted state, you have to consume a lot of carbs the night before so that your muscles will have the fuel to do intense training. You will feel energized, awake, and focused.